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Extended Cholesterol and Lipid Management  The standard cholesterol/lipid test tests only 3 factors. More modern tests measure more than 11. The newest test – covered by most insurances – allows me to create a naturally-oriented treatment program, custom-tailored to your own cholesterol/lipid profile.  This powerful new test predicts 90% of the factors that impact your risk of heart disease, stroke or vascular illness, compared to the standard test’s 40%. You need to manage all your risks to be healthy. Because it can even assess genetic risk too, even young people, especially if they are over-weight, should take this test, to prevent future problems. 
Natural, BioIdentical Hormone Replacement or Supplementation I only use your body’s actual hormone levels to guide hormone replacement and I only use the human body’s natural hormones to get you back into balance. This way you would only get what your body actually needs – no more, no less. I can help with premenstrual syndrome, pre-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal changes, fibroids, breast cysts, weight problems, heavy periods and menstrual headaches. If you are on Premarin, Provera, PremPro or other prescription hormones, you should seriously consider the safer, more natural approach instead. Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapies (PEMFs) These are the newest, most scientifically-based treatments for a wide range of conditions.  PEMFs are able to reach deep into the body to generate naturally accelerated healing. They are especially helpful in pain management, stress reduction, sleep, spine/back or neurological problems, wound healing, arthritis, injuries, auto-immune disorders, blood vessel diseases, preventing and healing complications of diabetes, fibromyalgia, eye conditions, detox, headaches and more. Adrenal Exhaustion/Fatigue Program Fatigue, susceptibility to allergies or infections, hormone problems - including thyroid dysfunction - or mood disorders may all be due to low adrenal reserves from physical, illness, surgery or other stresses. High stress can also cause other hormones to be out of balance. Many Americans suffer from this problem, yet most doctors don’t recognize it until it is too late. I use an expanded lab test to tell you whether your adrenals may be depleted and causing your problems. Treatment for adrenal depletion is simple and the results are often very dramatic. Nutrition and Supplement Assessment Most people start supplements without a plan or knowing where they should start. I develop supplement plans based on your own personal risk, past medical history, medications and personal goals. This way you would get a program specifically designed around your unique needs.  Natural Medicine for Cancer Program Whether you have just been diagnosed with cancer, have a history of cancer treated conventionally, are currently in treatment, have cancer that has spread, or are just concerned that you are at risk for cancer, I have a special interest in helping you. My belief is that a healthier body will withstand the cancer and conventional treatments better, which means a faster and healthier recovery and a reduced chance of recurrences. Other Therapies Available in the Practice · Thyroid · Lyme disease · Chronic pain problems · ADD/ADHD and autism spectrum · Food allergies · Male hormone replacement · High blood pressure · Prediabetes and diabetes · Brain injury · Preventive medicine … And many others

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